A top city to live in Portugal for Expats - Faro


A top city to live in Portugal for Expats - Faro

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  • By KipperTree
  • December 15 2023

A top city to live in Portugal for Expats - Faro

Travelling the world as a tourist is one thing, moving to some other country and settling in is completely different and might be a challenging task.

Living abroad, away from home, in a relatively different culture with new people is what an ex-pat experiences.

When an ex-pat moves to a new country, his / her world changes completely, as they have to adapt to a new culture, lifestyle and local traditions.

But where to live is certainly a major concern an ex-pat has while settling abroad.

Reasonable and affordable cost of living, better job opportunities, suitable climate, friendly environment and many other such factors are one’s priority.

As we already know Portugal is turning out to be one of the most likely places for an ex-pat to settle in.

Be it the most reasonable cost of living, healthy job opportunities, beautiful landscapes with breathtaking views, peaceful atmosphere, or weather-friendly environment, the reasons are infinite.

The majority of towns and cities in Portugal can provide for the ex-pat amazing opportunities of living.

Let’s have a look at which Portuguese cities are most favourable for an ex-pat to settle in and get their lives sorted.

This blog is about Faro

A hub of local beaches, golf resorts and for some, the best weather in Portugal, ex-pats from all over the world choose Faro as the city to settle in.

It might be a small city in terms of space, but certainly a centre of attraction for tourists in the summer.

Due to beaches and tourist spots, Faro might not be the cheapest place to live in Portugal, but the fantastic atmosphere, high standards of living and the hot climate attract ex-pats to this place anyway.

One of the main advantages of living in Faro is an easy and accessible transport system.

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