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Savvy Cat
In this week’s video, Ana takes you on quite a journey on what it is like to live in the heart of Portugal’s capital, Lisbon. ☀🇵🇹 Lisbon is a city where history meets modernity, where a unique blend of old-town charm and contemporary living define...
Portugal Door
In this informative Video, Vitor Costa from Portugal Door talks to Bob and Viv about retiring from Colorado to the north of Portugal.

Live in Central Portugal

Live in Portugal
Although currently only in Portuguese this is a great video showing central Portugal in all its glory.
Savvy Cat
A fun list created by Savvy Cat

10 Reasons

Savvy Cat
Here are 10 reasons why our clients move to Portugal
Savvy Cat
Ana finishes off the meeting with Thomas and Matthew of Reabilitejo.
Savvy Cat
Ana talks about property renovation with Thomas and Mathew of Reabilitejo.
Savvy Cat
Ana from Savvy Cat continues her discussion With the guys from Reabilitejo. A must-watch for property buyers in Portugal.

Condomínios vs HOA's

Savvy Cat
Are they the same?

Madeira Island

Savvy Cat
A video about Madiera
Viv Europe
Let us help you

Food in Portugal

Savvy Cat
Everything you need to know about food in Portugal.