Retirement in Algarve versus Azores Islands


Retirement in Algarve versus Azores Islands

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  • By KipperTree
  • November 27 2023

Retirement in Algarve versus Azores Islands

Choosing between spending your retirement in Algarve versus Azores Islands can be tricky because they’re similar. Let’s help you with that.

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November 20, 2023


As you approach your golden years, the allure of retiring abroad becomes irresistible. And you’ve come to the right place if you are thinking of retiring in Portugal. But it can be tricky to choose between spending your retirement in the Algarve versus the Azores Islands. From taxes to transport, the article is a complete guide to your retirement in the country!

With mesmerising coastlines, historic charm, and affordable living, the two beckon to those searching for a tranquil retirement. So, let’s embark on a journey that will ignite your imagination and help you make an informed choice for your post-work paradise. Happy reading! 

Retirement in Algarve versus Azores Islands? Why do expats choose them?

Expats often choose the Algarve for the Mediterranean lifestyle. With the pleasant climate, the region also offers a rich cultural experience with historic villages and bustling markets. The modern healthcare facilities, shopping centres, and sports grounds make it a convenient living space.

But nestled in the middle of the Atlantic, the Azores allure expats with a landscape of volcanic craters and tranquility like a timeless escape. The Island’s housing costs and other daily expenses are less than Algarve’s, making it a budget-friendly haven.

We know you’re starting to understand why it’s a tough choice. It only gets tougher from here, but don’t worry; we’ll help you make a choice. 

Similarities between the Algarve and the Azores Islands

The Algarve’s pristine beaches and the emerald pastures of the Azores boast a beautiful landscape for nature enthusiasts to find solace in. And there are plenty of outdoor activities, such as hiking, to pass the time with. From housing to safety, the Algarve and Azores guarantee excellent public services to ensure retirees peace of mind.

While the Algarve may be slightly of a higher quality, both localities offer standard healthcare facilities and public transport. And, of course, the warm Portuguese culture and shared sense of community are home to both. You can immerse yourself in local culture and make meaningful connections in either destination, which could light up your golden years. So what leads to the debate of retirement in the Algarve versus the Azores Islands?

Algarve versus Azores Islands for expats

Let’s take a deeper look at the differences between living in the Algarve and living in the Azores.

The Algarve’s real estate market offers diverse options, from charming coastal villas to modern town apartments. You’ll find well-developed infrastructure and convenient access to different housing styles. 

You’ll find housing options relatively limited in the Azores. But, you’ll also find the available options to feature traditional architecture surrounded by the islands’ natural beauty. 

That’s not all. Continue reading to learn about the specificities of retirement in the Algarve versus the Azores Islands.

About living retired in the Algarve

The Algarve is a popular expat choice, with its picturesque Lagos and Albufeira coastal towns. The area provides a relaxed and sunny ambiance, perfect for a laid-back retirement. Plus, the warm and friendly locals, delicious cuisine, and rich culture add to its appeal. 

You can find a single-bedroom apartment for €1,100 in the city centre and for €763 outside the centre. Plus, you’ll find the modern amenities and vibrant expat community make the region a welcoming home. 

About living retired in the Azores Islands

In the Azores, you’ll find Ponta Delgada to be particularly eye-catching. This is located on the largest Azorean Island and allows expats to immerse themselves in its historic bewitchment of cobblestone streets.

Here, São José and São Sebastião are popular among retirees for their expat communities and quiet charm. But it’s not like the place is secluded from civilization. 

You’ll find local markets selling fresh produce and also arty-crafty cafes for leisurely afternoons. Plus the living cost is quite reasonable, with rent being only €750 in the city center, and €600 outside of it.

The absence of bustling crowds only encourages a sense of belonging for retirees. On the islands, you can savor the simplicity of Azorean life, where every nook breathes historical tales, and the slow pace fosters a serene retirement.

Differences between the two

Though part of the same country, the question of retirement in the Algarve versus the Azores Islands arises because of core differences between the two. Let’s break these down one by one:

Cost of living in each region

Firstly, the Algarve. With its higher quality healthcare and other improved facilities comes a higher living cost. 

It is also a more common expat choice. It’s true that not all expat retirees wish for a secluded and quiet life. To help decide on the basis of finances, we’ve made a budget breakdown for you to assess potential expenditures in the areas. To read the breakdown and find out where to choose read the full article here.