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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I advertise my company on KipperTree?

You can register your account by signing up as a company and can advertise your Portuguese business

Step 1 

On the home page in the top right-hand corner, you will see Sign In / Sign Up 

                                                          Click Sign Up Here  

Step 2

Next, you will see this page with a Select an Option drop-down menu

Click the arrow and select Company

Step 3

Now complete the sign-up form with your name, email address, password, district, municipality, company type and either your Alvara of Fiscal number

If you are not legally registered to trade in Portugal please do not add a company listing

Step 4

Now look to the top right of the page and you will see My Account

Click here and choose profile

Your profile is where you control all things KipperTree and is where you will receive business enquiries

Step 5 

Now complete your company details

Add the languages that you speak

Add your website and company information

Update your profile

(The help code section is not required and is for KipperTree personnel only)

Step 6

Now it’s time to subscribe to a plan

You have various options from FREE to paid plans depending on your needs and how you want to promote your company

The subscription page will appear and offer 3 options 

The options are Basic (FREE) Advanced and Premium are different in terms of what exposure they offer

Step 7

Now that you have subscribed to a plan even if that plan is FREE you will be added to our directory

More Frequently asked questions

Can I cancel at any time? 

Yes you can, your plan will not be refunded but you can reactivate it at any time before its expiry date

Can I pay a monthly subscription? 

Yes, but at the moment this can only be done by bank transfer, contact us for details contact

We are currently working on a monthly subscription update, however, with such low prices per annum, we are sure an annual payment won’t break the bank

How many companies can I upload?

You can upload unlimited companies providing the registration email address is different for each one

Can I upgrade my plan?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time, the plan automatically calculates the difference between what you have already paid previously and creates a new balance to be charged.

What if I don’t have a credit card?

Contact us for alternative payment methods

How do I get a business receipt?

You will be sent a receipt once your payment has cleared

How do I receive enquiries?

You will be sent an email stating that you have an enquiry. In your message section within your profile, you will be able to securely message the interested party. You can, if you prefer, give out your contact details and correspond outside of KipperTree

Can I translate the site into Portuguese?

You may translate the whole site to your preferred language using the Select Language bar at the bottom of the page

How do I add my company as a featured company?

You must be subscribed to the Advanced or Premium plan

Simply tick the checkbox that says Featured In Home Page or Featured In District Page

How can I sponsor the site?

Within your profile on the left underneath My subscription you will find Partnerships

Here, you will find the sponsorship options and prices

Should the sponsorship be currently taken, please contact us

Does KipperTree charge commissions?

No, we do not, we are a portal designed to advertise property, companies and services, we don't charge commission only the cost of a subscription if applicable

How is KipperTree funded?

KipperTree is privately funded and earns revenue from subscriptions and sponsorships

Who owns KipperTree?

Please click here for our about us information

Is KipperTree Portuguese?

Yes, the KipperTree brand name is owned by a fully licenced business Portuguese business

If you cannot work out how to open an account, simply contact us here: Help

When you are ready to get started we'll get straight back to you to register your profile for you

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