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Welcome to our quinta!

Lisbon Diaries
Welcome to our new home! We will show you around our home and land. We plan to live more sustainably! What can you expect to spend for a property like this?

Reasons to stay

Lisbon Diaries
Our top 5 reasons for not wanted to move back to America.

Tips & Tools

Practice Portuguese
In this video, we cover some of our favourite apps, practical learning tips, and discuss some of the mindset challenges our members run into when trying to learn the language. We also answer a question we hear over and over again: “How can I confirm...

Learn European Portuguese

Practice Portuguese
Adeus looks similar to adiós, so you can pronounce them the same way, right? (Spoiler alert: NO) We’ll cover the simplest ways to say goodbye in Portuguese, including a more informal option. Stay tuned until the end for bonus tips on riding that “urg...

Portugal’s Best Realtor

Practice Portuguese
Portugal’s best realtor (who loves English and “open spacing”) shows you a luxury T8 apartment, which is surely to be exactly as you imagined from the ad. Have you worked with any realtors in Portugal yet?

Portuguese in China!

Practice Portuguese
Did you know that there are a lot of students learning European Portuguese in China? At least 50 universities teach Portuguese as a foreign language to over 5000 students! We are very proud and grateful that many of these students and their teachers...