Villa in Castelo Branco


Villa in Castelo Branco


€ 130,000 For Sale

Castelo Branco
Villa in Castelo Branco Villa in Castelo Branco Villa in Castelo Branco Villa in Castelo Branco Villa in Castelo Branco Villa in Castelo Branco Villa in Castelo Branco Villa in Castelo Branco Villa in Castelo Branco Villa in Castelo Branco
Villa in Castelo Branco
Villa in Castelo Branco
Villa in Castelo Branco
Villa in Castelo Branco
Villa in Castelo Branco
Villa in Castelo Branco
Villa in Castelo Branco
Villa in Castelo Branco
Villa in Castelo Branco
Villa in Castelo Branco
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House of typology T6 for recovery with an area of land of 490 m2 with two fronts with access to two streets.
With a 1950s architecture all in stone (granite) it has a structure still of height maintaining its originality.
It is divided into three independent fractions and can be restored to local accommodation with all the features and comfort.
Main House:
It has two floors with use of attic with interior access.
On the ground floor has three rooms with a very attractive area of about 75 m2, having access to the upper floor by a span of stairs still maintaining its originality and where we find 4 divisions and a toilet and common terrace.
Upper independent fraction:
It consists of three rooms with: a kitchen, a living room and a bedroom with balcony that surrounds the entire area of the dwelling.
Lower independent fraction:
It is equipped with a ready-to-use kitchen, a living room with salamander, a bedroom and a full bathroom with shower base.
On the porch there is a well with drinking water and a garden that will give access to an old warehouse with wine cellar, smokehouse, lagar where it served as a storage room. You can have the possibility to make an access to parking by the street from above keeping all its beauty.
Escalos de Cima is just over 15m from Castelo Branco by The National. It is served with restaurants, mini markets and cafes.
It's in a prime location with Monsanto just 35km away where the prequel to HBO's House of the Dragon was recently running the prequel to "House of the Dragon."
It is a village with history and coats of arms where the Portuguese Royal Family used to come to spend a few days of leisure.
In vast expansion Escalos de Cima is a typical Portuguese village where its originality of the past is still very quiet and with a unique landscape beauty.
It has a variety of Portuguese monuments that you can visit in its surroundings as well as our well-known Serra da Estrela with its white robe in winter and its freshness in summer.

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Property Info

  • Property Type Villa
  • Sale or Rent For Sale
  • Price € 130,000
  • Year Built -
  • District Castelo Branco
  • Municipality Castelo Branco
  • Bedrooms 6
  • Bathrooms 2
  • Loft No
  • Garage Yes
  • Plot Area 460 m2
  • Habitable Area 160 m2
  • Energy Rating F
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