Free Relocation Consultation


Free Relocation Consultation

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  • By KipperTree
  • February 15 2024

Free Relocation Consultation

Article by Viv Europe - Official Legal and Relocation Partner to KipperTree.

15 02 2024

As your personal relocation experts, we understand the legal maze you must navigate.

Complications like the NIF Number, bank account creation, and elaborate visa applications can get the best of us…But why wait any longer?

Your dream of living in Portugal is within reach.  

Book a FREE consultation with Viv Europe and embark on your journey with confidence; here's how to do it in 30 seconds: 

1. Pick your preferred date and time slot

2. Add in your name and email 

And you're done!

Click HERE to make your appointment

Don't let uncertainty hold you back. Our team is eager to hear your story and understand your unique needs. Let's work towards your new beginning now! 

We hope you enjoy getting to know Portugal in advance with us and our community. Join our Facebook group, All About Portugal For Expats, to connect with other expatriates interested in Portugal and share experiences.

 If you need any help with your relocation process to Portugal, count on Viv Europe's professionals to guide you.

Let's turn your Portugal plan into a reality.