Currency Advice


Currency Advice

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  • By KipperTree
  • February 29 2024

Currency Advice

Paying for a property, product, or service in euros, is very different from buying in your home country; for example, the United States and paying in dollars. The price quoted can change depending on the exchange rate at the time you have to pay your deposit and complete on the property.

What are my options?

Option 1 - Buy your Euros in advance

There is no minimum, and Spartan FX can hold your funds on account free of charge.

Option 2 - Fix the rate with a 10% deposit

Fix the rate for a payment that needs to be made in the future.

Option 3 - Split your transfers

Buying 25-50% of your euros now means that if the rate moves against you in the future, the average rate at which you will have bought your euros will be better. This helps to spread your risk.

Buying your euros in advance or fixing the exchange rate can help protect your budget and potentially make the process cheaper.  

Alternatively, you may decide to wait. Our team of experts will be able to proactively monitor the exchange rate on your behalf, or automatically buy should it hit a desired rate of exchange. We have a range of tools available to match your requirements. 

Every customer's situation is different, speak to your dedicated account manager and together we can tailor the right solution for you. 

To contact Spartan FX email, call +44(0)203 984 0450 (or email to set up a free WhatsApp call) or fill in the enquiry form