Ready to move to Portugal


Ready to move to Portugal

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  • By KipperTree
  • November 12 2022

Ready to move to Portugal

If you are planning to move to Portugal there are some things you should do before you buy a property. Firstly, do your homework on the districts that you think you desire. Portugal and its islands have a diverse mixture of landscapes and climates and it's super important to check out the year-round weather. Please don't just look at averages online, as averages are just that and don't paint a true picture, look at live weather. To help you do this we have live weather on all of our district's pages.

Take a look here

Once you have found out all about your desired location and settled on your ideal location it's time to search for a property. Unlike some other property portals, KipperTree adds new properties on a daily, not weekly basis so it's a good idea to set up a property alert with your desired property requirements and get ahead of the other property searchers.

You can do this here

If you don't receive the property you are looking for from your alert, you can always place a free wanted advert and we will send out your requirements to all sellers and renters in your desired district. Do that here

Once you have researched your location and narrowed down your property search, things start to change in terms of excitement levels and also the fear of making the life-changing move might start to bother you. This is normal, but if you are the type of person that needs guidance, help or reassurance then we recommend that you talk to our ex-pat and Culture Transition Coach Deborah Dahab. Deborah's videos are a huge help to people making the move to a new country.

You can connect with Deborah here

So, you have found the district, found a property, and had some help managing the process and setting your state of mind.

Now that things are becoming serious, this point in the process requires professional help. Keep reading to look at the next vital steps in your move to Portugal.

Further help

Finding factual information is sometimes difficult and using social media as a tool for research is not recommended. Whilst social media is a good resource to find companies promoting their services, non-professionals posting their comments and opinions is to be avoided.

A very useful next step is to think about currency. This step is crucial and it's an area that people often overlook.

Currency exchange is the next step in the process, as from now on you are going to have to have money in Portugal. Since its outset, KipperTree has partnered with Spartan FX, an award-winning currency specialist that can handle currency transfers from almost anywhere in the world. We recommend that you open a free account with Spartan and talk to their advisers to discuss how and when to get the best transfer rate on your currency.

You can talk to Spartan FX here

Finding Valid information

Now that the process of your move is underway there are some other areas that you should address. This is where you should, in our opinion, take specialised advice.

As we have already stated, finding valid, up-to-date factual information can be difficult. Social media is not the place to find this advice and should definitely be avoided. Whilst social media is a good place to source companies it is not the place to read advice posted by non-regulated individuals or groups trying to monetise their pages. The internet is littered with information that is out of date, inaccurate or just downright misleading. You need an expert at this point and we have that available for you from our partners.

Viv Europe is our official Legal and Relocation Partner and are both qualified and legally registered to assist you with your move abroad. You can trust Viv Europe to assist you with every little detail related to your move to Portugal. Their experts will carry out all services that you need to smoothly settle in Portugal. Whether you want to apply for a visa, obtain a tax number, open a bank account or buy a property in Portugal, Viv Europe has experts available to help you through this process.

Contact Viv here


Our Webinar Resource Partner Expacity is a great place to find factual information from a wealth of different sectors. The platform is a Netflix-style video library of webinars with proven experts to answer all of your questions about your move to Portugal, Madeira or the Azores.

Contact ExpaCity here

Reabilitejo is the official Survey and Planning Partner of KipperTree and comes thoroughly recommended. You're not required by law to have a survey performed to purchase property in Portugal, but you really should. If you are buying a property pre-2010 our recommendation is that you do. There are thousands of older properties that have dampness, mould, outdated electricity, structural issues or are just plain illegal. There are thousands of unregulated, unregistered builders in Portugal, never mind the large number of DIY enthusiasts that choose to renovate their properties to sell. Be careful, many thousands of people buy property in the summer and fail to realise how cold and wet Portugal can be in the winter so please act smart and pay for an official survey. this one act may save you thousands and be the difference between your dream move being a success or a failure.

You can contact Reabilitejo here

Your journey to successfully navigate the perils of moving abroad is now well underway and now may be the time to start delving into the Portuguese language. KipperTree partners with what we feel is the best online learning platform for European Portuguese. Practice Portuguese is a unique way of learning Portuguese from the comfort of your own home.

Connect with Practice Portuguese here


So, as you can see, KipperTree not only displays over 60,000 different properties that are increasing on a daily basis, but we also have chosen some of the best resources in the Portuguese marketplace to be our partners. These partners are ethical, professional, trustworthy and legally registered to operate in Portugal in their chosen fields of expertise.

KipperTree - We do more to help your move to Portugal.