Not just a city giving Lisbon and Porto a run for their money, Aveiro is one of Portugal’s 18 regional districts (Distrito), with a total population of over 700,000, spread over 19 municipalities. 

With an enviable coastal position around a third of the way down from the country’s northern border, the capital city of Aveiro is 77km south of Porto and 257km north of Lisbon. Property prices in the District vary depending on location but expect to pay around 1650 euros per square meter to buy an apartment in the city centre and approximately half of that outside of the centre. The further afield you travel from the centre, the more affordable the property becomes and if your dream is to renovate an old ruin, then here you'll find them in abundance. 

As the district capital, the city of Aveiro blends traditional Portuguese flavours with Art Nouveau influences and is synonymous with Ovos Moles pastries and sea salt production at the Salinas. The City is widely regarded as the ‘Venice of Portugal’ with its canals and colourful ‘moliceiros’ boats. An increasingly powerful magnet for tourism, education and technological innovation, the city and the district as a whole will appeal to future-focused tourists and settlers, ones who will appreciate a traditional Portuguese way of life.

Most easily accessed by Porto’s airport, Aveiro district is found in the country’s ‘Centro’ region, ‘Beira Litoral’ province, and is served by the A1, A17, A25 and A29 roads offering connections to Coimbra, Figueira da Foz, Lisbon, Porto, Viseu and Guarda. The Linha do Norte (Northern Line) railway serves Aveiro city and region, connecting to Porto and Lisbon, offering excellent service and value on Portugal’s ‘alfa’ trains. Regional services crisscross the landscape and include the Linha do Vouga, a delightful steam train experience. To complement this, frequent and excellent value bus services originate from Aveiro city heading to the capital and Porto several times a day.

Aveiro district’s Atlantic shore boasts a seaport, one that is enhanced by the popular beach towns of Barra and Costa Nova, distinguished by their candy-striped beach homes. The region is also well blessed with access to countless other beaches, both bustling and wild, as well as numerous river beaches. Move inland and you are treated to mountainous terrain with stunning views and a huge range of historical and cultural delights.

As well as approximately 2,500 hours of annual sunshine, you can enjoy a maritime-influenced climate here with Summer daytime temperatures averaging around 24°C (75°F), occasionally reaching 30°+ highs. Temperatures do increase as you travel towards the interior, yet generally speaking, Summers are dry, Winters are wet and usually windy, with rare, but not harsh frosts.

Aveiro University is rated the second-best in Portugal with a 12,500 student population and is a driving force for STEAM-influenced education (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) across the region’s schools, based on the upcoming implementation of 5G technology. As an upcoming and relatively well-populated region, Aveiro is well-served for education and health facilities, by virtue of its relatively larger and well-spread population. Settlers here will get a sense of the seasons, and enjoy a diverse cultural heritage that reflects a great cross-section of Portuguese history and character. Olives, grapes and manufacturing feature strongly here, it’s pretty AND it’s gritty. The umbrellas of Agueda, the Palace of Buçaco, Curia’s thermal waters, the immense Passadiços do Paiva trail and the Bairrada vineyards are must-see attractions. A golf course and a bountiful array of museums and tourist experiences abound, deserted Atlantic beaches await and a fine balance of past and progress characterise Aveiro; a district well worthy of serious consideration for those relocating to Portugal.

Properties are reasonably priced here with a three-bedroom apartment in the city centre ranging from € 700 to € 1000 per month to rent and between € 1000 to € 3000 per sq metre to purchase.

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